How to dry your weed crop?

For every cannabis cultivator, from beginner to expert, the drying of your weed crop is the last part of the cultivation process. From germinating the seeds to cutting and drying your weed, the cultivator always looks forward to finishing the cultivation process and enjoying the benefits. When you get to this point, your plants are ripe and the smell is the strongest: your plants are ready to be cut and dried. The flowers are now almost silver with lots of trichomes and because of that, very sticky. The flowers will have dark hairs and form fat, strong and compact buds. The trichomes are now less transparent, almost milky, and the buds are covered with a sticky layer.

A lot of cultivators are not properly prepared for the drying of your weed crop and this will result in a crop that doesn't live up to the expectation. A lot of cultivators also use techniques that do not guarantee an optimal result. Because of this it often happens that a lot of the time a cultivator puts into growing his plants are ruined by using the wrong methods to dry his crop.

Important factors when drying your weed

When drying your weed plants there are a couple of important factors that a cultivator must adhere to. The buds can not dry too fast, because if the drying process goes too fast you will lose a lot of taste and effect. Buds that have been dried correctly are sticky and compact (not fluffy). For example, if you break a properly dried bud of an Amnesia grow, you should smell a sharp characteristic smell after hearing the typical "krrk" sound. The bud should be completely dry on the inside, but should still have the oily substance on the outside. Buds that adhere to this description have been properly dried.

When harvesting your weed buds it's important to remember the biggest part of the moisture is in the stems and leaves. When this moisture is still in the plant then the plant is still "fresh", this is where the term "fresh frozen" comes from. Some cultivators dry the plant by trimming it completely and then hanging it upside down, but this is a lot of work and therefore most growers will cut all buds by hand or machine and dry them in a net. We always recommend cutting by hand and using a net to dry your buds. If you have a lot of weed to cut, we highly recommend using an automatic trimmer such as the Twister T4.

Tip: We advise to use a machine trimmer such as the Twister T4, and to try your buds in a dry net.

By using a dry net it allows the grower to be on top of the drying process. By cutting every individual bud from the stem, the buds will dry faster and it is easier to only put the worthwile buds to dry in your drynet. You can use the left over cuttings to make isolator (ice-o-lator), hash, or hash oil - it would be a shame to throw these cuttings away. An automatic trimmer such as the Twister T2, Twister T4, or Twister T6, will save your cuttings in a bag so you don't have to spend time sorting everything out.

Ideally, you would dry your buds on a net in a room with a humidity below 50% and a temperature between 18 and 22 °C. There should be a steady flow of fresh air, and a good circulation. Remember to not blow any air directly on your buds, as this will make the buds dry too fast. Ideally, you could position a fan facing the wall, and make sure there is fresh air. The room should not be damp or moist in any way, as your buds will not dry, or will not dry correctly.

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